Lightning Safety

There are over 100,000 lightning storms in North America each year. Indeed, at any given time, there could be dozens of thunder and lightning storms going on in the world, each one packing an enormous electrical punch. As a result, many people are killed or maimed because of lightning. Today, there is technology available that can help both individuals and organizations reduce the risk. Lightning detectors are technologically advanced to detect lightning 40 or more miles away.

With this kind of advance warning, along with information about which direction a storm is moving, better decisions can be made about staying or leaving an outdoor area. Instead of just having a few minutes to find suitable cover, the lightning detector can provide half an hour to an hour’s notice allowing for greater ability to ensure safety in weathering out the storm.

Consider A Portable Lightning Detector

The newest portable lightning detectors are so advanced and yet are carried easily. For example, the SkyScan P5-3 model and will last for up to 100 hours of continuous use with 6 AA batteries. And at weighing in at only a pound, it won’t add much additional weight to what you carrying.

Let us know your situation, and we can help you determine the best lightning detector for your needs to ensure your safety through lightning storms. With the ability to detect lightning strikes 40 miles away, this portable unit can help you make wise decisions during times of bad weather approaching.

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