SkyScan P5-3 Lightning Detector FAQ's

Yes under normal conditions your SkyScan can be used indoors. Similar to a mobile phone your SkyScan sensitivity varies under various locations indoors.

The Model P5-3 uses 6 AA regular non rechargeable batteries. It’s acceptable to use rechargeable AA batteries and a regular recharger. An optional 120v AC adapter is also available for indoor operations.

The Model P5 is accurate within + or - 95 % of the time.

The model P5-3 is the latest version and is an upgraded version of the Model P5-2 .

Improvements include colour LED range lights for easy identification of ranges; upgraded battery power from 1 9volt to 6 AA batteries for longer operating times.

Holding the battery save button for 5 seconds dismantles the auto 5 hour power shutoff.

The Model P5-3 filters out harmless cloud to cloud lightning. Since Cloud to cloud lightning doesn’t hit the ground it is not dangerous.

The Model P5-3 lightning detector is Passive device and omits no signal of any type. The Model P5-3 is only a receiver.

The Model P5-3 should always be used in a vertical position. Electrical equipment (Electro Magnetic Interference) can cause your Model P5-3 to false trigger if used to close. Move or change locations.

All lightning detectors work by receiving Electrical Discharge for lightning and using an algorithm to determine distances. If your unit is alerting without any of the recognizable signs of thunder or lightning it’s most likely to close to electrical equipment that is leaking electricity and causing false alerts. Move the unit further away.