Storm Pro-2 Lightning Detector Re-calibration Schedule & Procedures

SkyScan Engineering Release: November 10, 2019

1. Storm Pro-2 Used Outdoors Only:

  • Used outdoors only
  • Operating only on battery
  • Storm Pro is detecting accurately

The unit does not require re-calibration. If safety standards require a re-calibration schedule, then, SkyScan suggests re-calibrating the Storm Pro-2 once every year.

Re-calibration Procedure: Run a Noise Test (as described in the Storm Pro Instruction Manual) two consecutive times in a quiet location (no electromagnetic interference) – preferably outdoors, when there is no storm activity with 50 miles (75 KM).

2. Storm Pro-2 Used Indoor Only:

  • Used exclusively indoors on A/C power SkyScan suggests re-calibrating the unit once a month following the Re-calibration Procedure described above).

This is because there are regular power surges through the power line and these surges will develop a noise profile in the unit that will gradually desensitize the unit.

Note: SkyScan recommends plugging the unit into a surge protector. If plugged into a surge protector, SkyScan suggests re-calibrating every three months (quarterly).

3. Storm Pro-2 Used Both Indoors and Outdoors:

  • Used both indoors (particularly on A/C) and outdoors SkyScan suggests a regular calibration schedule of once every 3 months (quarterly) to 6 months (following the Re-calibration Procedure described above), depending on the percentage of indoor A/C use and how the unit is performing during storm activity.

The above suggested re-calibration schedules are considered by SkyScan as the optimum to keep the units detecting at peak performance. Users may vary this schedule based on their actual experience with their unit(s).

For re-calibration instructions, please see the Storm Pro-2 Instruction Manual provided with the unit.

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