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Lightning Safety – Lightning Detectors Can Save Lives

On March 19th, 2016, tragedy struck a music festival in Larose, Louisiana. For the past several years, many people have descended on the family farm of Mike Malgout (Alligator Mike) to listen to various musicians while enjoying Louisiana style food and entertainment at the T-Bois Blues Festival. A number of those that attend the three…

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Why Schools Need Lightning Detectors

On May 6, 2015 two spectators of a high school soccer game were struck by lightning. On this particular occasion, the grandparents of Pocohontos Middle School in Henrico County, Virginia were lucky in that they survived the lightning strike. Sadly in the same year, Francois Clarence was not so lucky when lightning struck at his…

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Lightning Detectors: Safety Within The Mining Industry

There have many instances of deaths or injuries to mining employees as well as damage to equipment due to lightning strikes in the mining industry. These incidents could have been prevented with the use of a quality lightning detector and a “Lightning Safety Plan” that is strictly enforced by both management and all employees. There…

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Golf Course Lightning Safety – Lower The Risk

Golf Courses – Lightning Hazards Did you know that in the United States, approximately 5% of those deaths that were caused by lightning were on golf courses? Golf courses are a prime location for lightning strikes – often wide open greens with a number of small bodies of water scattered throughout. And although many golf…

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Lightning Safety

There are over 100,000 lightning storms in North America each year. Indeed, at any given time, there could be dozens of thunder and lightning storms going on in the world, each one packing an enormous electrical punch. As a result, many people are killed or maimed because of lightning. Today, there is technology available that…

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Lightning Safety Tips

Lightning Safety Tips Note: The individual is ultimately responsible for his/her personal safety and has the right to take appropriate action when threatened by lightning. Adults must take responsibility for the safety of children in their care during thunderstorm activity. The seemingly random nature of thunderstorms cannot guarantee the individual or group absolute protection from…

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How Lightning Is Created

The conditions needed to produce lightning have been known for some time. However, exactly how lightning forms has never been verified so there is room for debate. Leading theories focus around separation of electric charge and generation of an electric field within a thunderstorm. Recent studies also indicate that ice, hail, and semi-frozen water drops…

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Lightning Safety Guidelines

Lightning has been the second largest storm killer in the United States since 1959. 1. Unfortunately, meteorological agencies in the United States and around the world, which issue warnings and forecasts with the goal of decreasing casualties and property damage from severe weather, issue warnings for only 3 of the 4 important causes of storm-related…

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